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About Us

Founded in 1988 by Jerry and Carol Sedney as part of the their Bayshore Marine, Rum Runners captures Erie's role in the days of prohibition. 

In the Dead of night, without running lights, a steady stream of wooden speedboats criss-crossed Lake Erie from Canada to the U.S. with an illegal cargo of outlaw whiskey. It was Prohibition in America and the demand for "decent" booze enticed a small navy of bootleggers called Rum Runners to brave Lake Erie's dangerous unpredictability.

From Port Colburne on the Welland Canal to Port Dover in Long Point Bay- and from elsewhere in Ontario- case upon case of premium Canadian Liquor was stacked upon the small but sturdy craft. Some of them headed for the Fine harbor of Presque Isle Bay where armed guards supervised the transfer to awaiting trucks for delivery to local speakeasies and downstate clients. And many of those made port at the numerous, clandestine wharfs of the old east bayfront perhaps not far from where you're now seated.

In their memory, we welcome you to Rum Runners- your only port of call